Are you a dental fraidy cat?
Do you know a dental fraidy cat that needs help?


So what actually happens when I am hypnotized by Kris?

1st off, Kris does not hypnotize you.
You hypnotize yourself.
Kris just coaches.
All hypnosis is self hypnosis.
Kris will teach you how to hypnotize yourself.
The general plan or model is as follows:
1) You sit in an ordinary straight backed chair and Kris puts you through a relaxation exercise to calm you and help you focus your attention.
2) Then Kris brings you down into hypnosis and addresses the specifics of why you are there and what you want to change or modify. This part is different for each session.
3) At the end Kris brings you out and discusses with you what just happened.

Is it fun?
It is fabulous!

Is it relaxing?
Sometimes people are upset with me when I bring them out of hypnosis!
Because they are so delightfully relaxed they don't want it to end!

Is it hard?
The hardest part is following my instructions while in Hypnosis, the results themselves are effortless.

What could go wrong?

Will I loose consciousness?

No you will not.
In this altered state you as the subject do not lose awareness or fall asleep.
Actually you are about 25 times more alert than in your normal waking state.
Consciousness is entirely suspended in natural sleep.
Consciousness is definitely present in hypnosis.

Will I do odd and crazy things?

Hypnosis is used for serious things when I do it.

Will I surrender my will or lose control?

As all hypnosis is self hypnosis the ability to go into state and stay there rests with the subject.
The subject is always in control.

Do I have to have a weak mind to be hypnotized?

A common misperception is that only weak-willed or feeble-minded people can be hypnotized.
There is no correlation between intelligence and hypnotizability.
It is difficult and often impossible to hypnotize developmentaly disabled, psychotic, deaf or severely detached individuals as the subject needs to be able
to concentrate on 1 idea.
The greater the intelligence the greater the subject.

Will I reveal my secrets and confidences under hypnosis?

You are always in control.
Hypnosis is not a truth serum and also does not render the subject to be incapable of lying or to keep embarrassing secrets confidential.
You do not spontaneously begin to talk or to reveal any intimate secrets that you would not volunteer to share in a waking state.

Is it possible to get stuck in hypnosis?

As the subject holds control there is no difficulty in terminating the hypnotic state.

Does hypnosis weaken my will?

As the subject you are always in control and no one can make you do something against your will.
Your will is not weakened or changed in any way.

Is hypnosis habit forming?

The subject is able to resist hypnosis at any time, no matter how many times he or she has been hypnotized.

Does repetitive hypnotic induction weaken the mind?

No it does not.
It will make hypnosis easier as you practice, so you will get better and faster results.

Am I able to be hypnotized against my will?

A person cannot be hypnotized against his or her will.

Can hypnotized people be made to perform criminal or anti-social acts?

Yes and No.

As long as the subject perceives the suggested action for what it is--one that violates his moral or ethical principles or is a danger to himself, he will not carry it out.
But if he perceives it otherwise, even though it is not one he would normally carry out, he will likely do so.
If suggestions are used to distort the subjects perceptions so that the suggested act appears innocuous or justified, the subject will most likely carry it out.
Most authorities agree that the hypnotized subject cannot be induced to commit antisocial or criminal acts.
The question usually asked is whether one can make a hypnotized person commit acts detrimental to himself or others.
A hypnotized person would not do anything he would not do in the normal waking state.

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