Are you a dental fraidy cat?
Do you know a dental fraidy cat that needs help?

As I am setting up programs and sessions daily and weekly please send me an email with the program(s) you want  to take in the subject line to me at so I am able to give you the times and dates of when I am running them.

Whatever skill or discipline you are looking to enhance, from learning or getting better at something to dominating a particular field or endeavor, hypnosis can help.

The power of the subconcious mind is such that once it is involved the actions and feelings needed to achieve the very particular, highly defined, positively emotionally laden, clearly pictured outcome, the attainment of same will be achieved, or to be overcome, whatever the case may be.

I have a list of subjects that are on the FAQ page 2.
If you have an interest I do not have listed ask me if I can do it for you.
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