Are you a dental fraidy cat?
Do you know a dental fraidy cat that needs help?


Learn to sell more, sell better.
Figure out what you are doing right and wrong.
Inspect what you expect.
Train and practice for excellence.
In a way I act like a sales manager to you, we analyze what works and what doesn't and improve from there. We keep track and analyze what worked and what went wrong. At some point we will have a mastermind club so we can hear and learn best practices in person with others who in in the same or similar boat.

Learn how to be hypnotized by taking the classes and all the rest can be done by hypnosis once you learn hypnosis. Until then I cannot work with you.
After you learn how to put yourself into state then you will have progress.
The original basis of your success starts with the 20 minute stress release program and the go to sleep program.




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